Copying and Performing Rights

To make multiple copies of a script or score in soft or hard-copy and/or to perform one of our musicals, you need to gain permission. Please send us an email, using the contact form below. In your own interests, you should do this prior to starting rehearsals. Once you have permission, you must purchase Copying and Performing Rights through the Shop. Please note the following important information:


No part of any script or score may be transmitted or reproduced in any form by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, manuscript, typesetting, recording or otherwise, without the permission of the publisher, Onstage Musical Theatre Productions. It is an infringement of the copyright to give any public performance or reading of a show either in its entirety or in the form of excerpts, whether the audience is charged an admission or not, without the prior consent of the copyright owners.

To make multiple copies of a script or score and/or perform a show without permission is strictly prohibited. It is a direct contravention of copyright legislation and deprives writers of their livelihood.

Copying and Performing Rights AVAILABLE


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