Backing and Teaching Tracks

Songs for each show can be easily taught using Teaching Tracks, especially recorded to assist young voices. The tracks are all sung by professional musicians with the accompaniment. The teaching tracks have all the individual vocal musical numbers provided, but do not include incidental music or reprises. As such, the teaching tracks cannot be used for a performance.

We advise that, once students have become confident to sing the songs by themselves, the shows should be performed with Backing Tracks or a live band. The tracks are expertly orchestrated to provide singers with all the support they need and also to appeal to audiences! The Backing Tracks have all the musical numbers, plus incidental music, separately provided in order, allowing the tracks to be run through sequentially, with appropriate pauses for dialogue.

Backing and Teaching Tracks are available for purchase separately for each show in an easily downloadable zipped file.

Backing and Teaching Tracks ALL AVAILABLE NOW – SHOP HERE


It is an infringement of the copyright to give any public performance or reading of shows either in their entirety or in the form of excerpts, whether the audience is charged an admission or not, without the prior consent of the copyright owners, Onstage Musical Theatre Productions.

Please send us an email, using the contact form below. In your own interests, you should do this prior to starting rehearsals. Once you have permission, you can purchase Copying and Performing Rights through the Shop.

Backing and Teaching Tracks ALL AVAILABLE NOW – SHOP HERE

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